Jul 17 -

Miami Swims

These past days I’ve been working – volunteering  - for Miami Swim, which basically is beachwear fashion week in Miami.

Pretty cool, also because the event is part of Mercedez Benz fashion Weeks, which includes New York and Berlin, all produced by IMG.

So, there are about 140 volunteers, most of them fashion students, super eager to get things done! It gets crazy! The lucky ones get to go backstage and dress the 6 foot tall models, which obviously are waaay skinnier than we are, making us feel crapier for wearing boring khakis, instead of blending in the sea of stylish people. I liked the people from the audience who, for once, didn’t wear body conscious dresses.

Lucky me to be a dresser at the Diesel show that had male models and Kristin Cavalari as a celebrity closing the show!

Yesterday we got to prep the Poko Pano show, which took place at the Oasis ‘sandy’ venue. The mood was so cool – it is always nice to hear samba and all the Brazilian people  around. I was just proud to be quase-brazileira.

As for the clothes, so far, the most interesting show was Poko Pano, as well. While it seams like we’ve seen about 453 bikinis already, the brand’s colorful prints were really cool, and so were the statement pieces like caftans and necklaces that some of the models wore. One of the girls lot her shoes – all by Fernando Pires – so she had to walk the runway on her own sandals ;)

Now I’m excited for tomorrow’s Cia. Marítima!!

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